Balloon Delivery Terms

Residential Deliveries

Please be sure to check with the recipient to be sure someone will be home to receive the order. Someone must be present. We will call the recipient within 24 hours prior to the delivery to let him/her know the approximate time we’ll be delivering their balloons. If the order is a surprise, please indicate that on the notes. We will simply say “We have a special delivery for you”.

In case no one is available to receive the order, we can re-attempt delivery the next day and another delivery fee will be charged. If delivery becomes impossible, no refunds will be given.

We will not leave any balloons unattended unless we have strict instructions in writing.

School Deliveries

Before placing an order, please call the school and make sure they allow balloons on campus. Some schools have helium or latex restrictions. We offer both helium-free and latex-free alternatives, so feel free to email us.

For Elementary, Middle and High Schools – We will deliver the balloons to the front office.

For Colleges and Universities – We will deliver the balloons to the mailroom or dorm front desk. Campuses are large, so please give us as much information as you can so we can find the student.

Hospital Deliveries

Before placing an order, please call the hospital and make sure they allow balloons. Most hospitals do not allow latex balloons due to allergies. We have foil balloon alternatives which are usually ok. Also, please double-check to make sure the recipient will still be a patient during the time of delivery.

We will call the hospital prior to delivery to make sure the patient is still at the hospital. If we arrive at the hospital and the patient is no longer present, we can deliver to a different address for an additional fee or cancel the order. No refunds will be given.

Hotel Deliveries

We will deliver balloon bouquets to the front desk or concierge desk at the hotel. Please be sure the hotel allows deliveries and knows to expect the delivery. We will not deliver directly to a hotel room. If the balloons are for an event in a ballroom or conference room, we can deliver it directly to the event room.

Office Buildings / Secure Facilities

Many office buildings require delivery to a receptionist, mail clerk, or security staff.  We will make every attempt to contact the recipient, however, if we need to leave it with someone else, the completion of the delivery is the responsibility of the party accepting the order and we cannot be held responsible.

It is your responsibility to give us the right information

We rely on the information you give us in order to deliver your beautiful balloon gift. Please make sure the recipient information is filled out correctly and please be sure that a balloon delivery can be made to that address.  We only coordinate delivery arrival times with home deliveries, and even so, the recipient must be available during the time frame chosen. We do several deliveries per day and we need time flexibility for busy delivery days.

Balloon Longevity

We treat our balloons with Hi-Float and we expect our balloons will float for at least 48 hours from the time of delivery. Foil balloons float for about 5 days.  Bigger balloons will float longer. Balloons are a natural product, therefore we do not guarantee float times.

Balloons can pop! – Balloons can pop for a number of reasons. Once balloons are delivered, we’re no longer responsible for them. No refunds will be given for any balloon that pops after we leave.

Outdoor balloons – Helium balloons are not recommended for outdoor use. Wind may tangle the strings and heat/direct sun may cause balloons to pop. If you must have balloons outdoors, please choose light colors and place them in the shade.

In the unlikely event that a balloon pops en route to the delivery and we cannot fix it before the delivery is made, an equivalent portion of your order will be refunded. We will not re-deliver an order because of one or two popped balloons.

Please do not release balloons

As of January 2020, it is ILLEGAL to release balloons into the air in Maryland. Partistry does not condone the practice as balloons become littered and are dangerous to animals and the environment. Please visit for more information.


We allow a full refund for orders up to 7 days prior to delivery. All cancelation requests must be made in writing by email to All of our balloon orders are special ordered and prepped ahead of time and delivery/production employees are scheduled to work according to orders placed. Due to this, if an order is canceled within 7 days of delivery we cannot refund it. You may reschedule your delivery to another day, pending on our availability.