Corporate Events

Balloon Decorations & Balloon Centerpieces for Corporate Decor

Whether you are trying to attract clients on the tradeshow floor or simply looking for the perfect way to tie your event decor together, look no further. We specialize in designing spaces. From stunning balloon arches to delightful balloon sculptures, our designers create elegant pieces that are sure to be the talk of the night at your next corporate event.

We specialize in Warehouse Decorations

Some of our clients such as Amazon, Wayfair, Under Armour, and DHL hire us on a regular basis to decorate their warehouses. Balloons bring joy and color and boost employee morale. We bring our balloons and decorate for inclusion-oriented holidays such as Black History Month, Women’s Month, Pride Month, etc. Other great opportunities for balloons would be for new product launches, new building openings, and employee appreciation events.

Custom Latex & Foil Balloons

Imagine filling your venue with fun, colorful balloons that feature your company name, personal message, or logo. We offer personalized latex and foil balloons for everything from birthdays to corporate get-togethers.

Custom Decorations for Corporate Events

  • Balloon Drops
  • Balloon Sculptures
  • Step & Repeat and Photo Backdrops
  • Balloon Walls
  • Large & Small Spiral Arches
  • Balloon Columns
  • Stage Decor
  • Ceiling Decor
  • Balloon Bouquets
Organic Balloon Decor Step and Repeat
Organic Balloon Decor
Washington DC Balloon decorations with backdrop
Washington DC corporate event balloon decorations
Washington DC corporate event balloon tower