The Little Mermaid Party

This beautiful The Little Mermaid party was definitely fit for a princess! All the details were handcrafted and everything was nothing short of amazing! The children got to wear mermaid tails and pretend to be mermaids. There were also many mermaid-themed crafts and then a sing-along with their favorite mermaid. The food table was beautifully decorated with hand-crafted coral, hand-painted chalkboard menu and other small details. The cake table was just beautifully organized with many under the sea themed sweets and props matching the theme. No Little Mermaid party would be complete without a Dinglehopper and a candlestick featuring some of her gadgets and gizmos. Towards the end, guests found goody bags filled with fun trinkets for both boys and girls as well as special crab hats for the babies.

Ariel Princess: Magical Moments
Venue: Roger Carter Community Center

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